Notary Novice to Notary Boss!  Webinar Re-Play

Notary Novice to Notary Boss! Webinar Re-Play

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Join The Notary Academy™ Founder and CEO, Amber Latrice for an informative evening, all about Notary Entrepreneurship! 

The idea of offering services in the notary space can be intimidating for people with no background or experience.

In this three-hour event, Amber will talk to you about what you should do to get your commission, signing agent tips and how to set your business up for success. She'll cover:

  • How to get your commission

  • How to notarize a document

  • Notary Business structure

  • Notary Niches

  • How to utilize and get leads from Google Business for free

  • Review Top 4 Documents in a Loan Package (VIP Docs)

  • Signing Services

  • Tips to get more Signings

  • Automate Scheduling

  • And more

 We are so excited to bring you "Notary Novice to Notary Boss" If you are a brand new notary, or a person on the fence about starting a notary business, or even a seasoned notary - this webinar is for you!