Business Credit Like a BOSS

Business Credit Like a BOSS

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Join The Notary Academy™ Founder and CEO, Amber Latrice for an informative afternoon, all about Notary Entrepreneurship and Business Credit!

Maximize Business Credit Approvals by Following the Bulletproof Steps this webinar.

This webinar will NOT disappoint! If you are interested in how to build business credit that’s not linked to your SSN, then this is the webinar for you.

*Amber is an experienced Educator and Notary with multiple degrees on the best way to teach any learner. She has a way of teaching that is Fun and engaging. 

In this jam packed event, Amber will talk to you about what it takes to start to build your business credit to fund your Notary Business, or ANY business.

She'll cover:

  • Why your personal credit doesn't matter when it comes to building your business credit
  • How to start a Business Credit Profile & Score so you can look more CREDIBLE to Lenders & Credit Issuers
  • How to get Vendor, Store & Cash Credit for your business with NO Personal Guarantee or Credit Check
  • How to obtain Business Credit in as little as 3 months
  • And more

*Template and checklist included

*Webinar will be recorded and sent to ALL ticket holders

*Your Template and checklist will be emailed on 4-7-23

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